Child-Size Winchester Rifle, Convention Commissions & Blue Oyster Bar sign from Police Academy

A swan cage, some horse armour and sets in Berwick, Aviemore and the Isle of Skye

People Often Ask About Different Techniques, So...

An amputee medical training prop, some low-budget costume swords, display stand, museum donations and a last minute DJ helmet build

We're Now On Youtube! Come Join Us And See What We've Been Up To

Some Props And Sets From The Netflix Film "Outlaw King"

May The 4th Be With You! Star Wars Speeder Bike Commissions

Left to right:      A marble basin, wooden and ceramic pots, a French art deco sculpture, a piece of Ottoman ceramic and an old wooden work bench prop...

Various custom versions of our Living History Viking Shields that have shipped to Israel, Sweden And The United States

Samurai Mempo commissions finished with horsehair, a Game Of Thrones sword commission and some Soviet-looking mines for a short

Rental Firearms, Fake Bulkheads And Remembrance Day

Horror Hands... Harry Potter etc

Various paint techniques used to cover plastic/wood etc... Reproduction parts cast in fibreglass/plaster, RTV silicone moulds, build incorporated laser-cut parts, 3D printed designs, carved foam units... Where to begin!

New building signage/A Game Of Thrones sword hilt sculpt

May the 4th, Star Wars Day! E11 Blaster (made from Sterling Mk4 parts)

A quick video on our new Youtube channel showing how our shields are made from start to finish

Some re-finished severed hands in our rental section and a bespoke Harry Potter Quidditch broom commission

- ★★★★★

Star Wars Day!


A Beretta 92 with working slide kick back now available to rent, some plastic bulkheads modified to look like brass and some tartan fabric poppies that were given out for Remembrance Day

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- Oh wow! Thank you! Amazing! I love it!

Shield Commissions From Around The World

- Perfect, and as expected. My best recommendations

- Superbly crafted mask shipped within good time

Various Repairs

Various Commissions And Projects

Full size replicas of the speeder bikes from Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi available to commission in our shop

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