A Royal Air Force/Army Air Corps flying helmet. Complete with headset, both visors and a cover.

For costuming or where only a hilt is necessary for numerous background actors, this may be an ideal solution.

This hilt is the same type that is featured on our Viking sword but a fraction smaller with no blade.

Cast in polyester resin and available in silver or silver/gold but can be finished in others on request. They measure around 97 x 78 x 34mm

Also available to purchase on our Etsy Shop

A full set of 95 DPM webbing on a 58 pattern belt. Fitted with all the the mod cons... Pacing beads, sandbag, LMG clips etc

MTP Osprey And Mk7 Helmet

These shields are made using a mix of archaelogical evidence, Gulaþing law and practicality.

They are constructed in 16mm Scandinavian redwood boards, covered with canvas and reinforced with a handle and raw steel flat bars.

The centre boss' are hand forged in Eire, the nails are hand made and the edges are hand stitched with rope twine and porkhide.

The standard sizes are 710 and 810mm diameter and standard designs are quarter, eighth or swirl patterns although any others can be applied.

Also available for commision on our Etsy Shop

Assault Vests

This sword has been cast in polyester resin reinforced with matting and a solid yet flexible core to keep it sturdy.

The hilt of the original was leatherbound and has been painted to replicate this, it is then laquered to protect the finish.

The pommel, hilt, handguard and blade were designed around diffefrent Viking era swords to give it a generic look.

Standard finishes are silver or silver/gold but can finished in others on request and measures around 108 x 830 x 32mm

Also available to purchase on our Etsy Shop

Before renting one of our imitation firearms or weapons systems please ensure you have read our terms and familiarised yourself with the relevant legislation via the links detailed therein.

Small Viking Stage Shields

Lightweight Cannon mounted in a waxed softwood carriage. The barrel or chase can be elevated to an extent (see picture) and the whole piece from muzzle to cascable measures about 960mm in length is 300mm wide and 410mm high.

The chase is made of 2mm UPVC so if the intention is to place a charge inside it may require reinforcing and fire-roofing by SFX first.

The rope around the chase was salvaged from the Universal production Dracula Untold, although to clarify the piece was not made for this production!

Two bugles, one silver-plated and one copper. Fitted with black-red-yellow/black cords respectively. Very clean, playable bugles.

Modified to the specs of the Beretta 92 which has been in production since the '70s.

Has a non-removeable fake 9mm magazine and working slide kick back. Finished with a worn paintjob and has been weighted out inside

There are literally boxes of other Military kit. Brand new uniforms in different styles and patterns, headwear, pouches, field kit, holsters and lanyards... Whatever you require, get in touch to see if we can track it down for you

A flight case for a British Army 51mm mortar.

Once used as a Platoon level weapons system before being replaced by the more modern Hirtenberger 60mm commando mortar


Historical Weapons & Ancillaries

A 95 DPM assault vest with pouches, 95 DPM with MOLLE system and a 95 desert assault vest

Viking Sword Hilt, Prop

A solid stock copy of the very well known Avtomat Kalasinikova 7.62mm. The body, stock and handguard are made of wood, the barrel assembly is metal and the remainder is sculpted. The piece is finished with a removeable 5.56mm magazine (working parts removed and cavity filled)

British Forces bayonets (or "swords" for any Rifleman reading).

One fits the SA80 rifle and the other fits the previous battle rifle the SLR

Lightweight patrol belt kit.

A padded carrier belt with a dump pouch and drop leg mag pouch

Regimental Carved Wooden Plaque

Based around a 12 gauge shotgun design, the body and stock are made of wood with an aluminium barrel and magazine tube and finished with sculpted elements and functional sling loops to make it a wearable prop

Two driver's cop vests... One with South Africa style velcro pouches and the other with clip fasten pouches

Daysack And Mk6A Helmet

Small shields cut from 12mm sheet, fitted with a fibreglass boss and painted before having faux-leather tacked around the edge. 575 or 700mm are standard sizes although any size can be produced

A WW2 medic shell dressing bag.

Made of canvas and marked "1942"

Living History Viking Shield

51mm Mortar Case

A full set of Osprey body armour and a Mk7 combat helmet

Pump Action Shotgun (Prop)

A solid-stocked version of the Israeli Uzi 9mm submachine gun. Fitted with a wooden stock, steel barrel, sling loops and removeable dummy magazine. The body is also weighted out inside

Carries 11x 40mm underslung grenade launcher rounds... What more can I say?

Military Items

Patrol Belt Kit

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1950's RAF Bomb Distributor Panel

Anti-vehicle mines cast in reinforced polyester resin and painted in NATO stock colours to resemble Soviet-era mines. Originally made for a short film, these can be made up in whatever quantity is required

Imitation Firearms & Weapons Systems

*** Imitation Firearms Are Available For Rental Only ***

Pair Of Caplock Muzzleloader Pistols

A bomb distributor unit from a 1950's RAF aircraft (probably a Canberra). Has 24 bomb indicators which could be rigged to go from white to black via the access panel cut into the underside and all dials and switches function as expected. Very cool unit in very good condition

Prop Landmines

Northern Ireland patrol daysack and Mk6A combat helmet... Green scrim net optional!

Beretta 92 Pistol, 9mm (Prop)

British Bayonets

Specifically a Royal Green Jackets carved wooden plaque. Measures around 150 x 200mm

WW2 Medic Bag

Bugles, Silver & Copper

British Mk4A Flying Helmet

Mounted Cannon In Wooden Carriage

Viking Sword, Prop, Reinforced

UGL/USGL Bandolier

Uzi 9mm Submachine Gun (Prop)

A pair of caplock muzzleloaders. Full working mechanism to fire percussion caps but should not be rigged to fire shot. Possibly made in India/Sri Lanka

AK47 Assault Rifle (Prop)

Driver's Cop Vests

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